The MANNA model works.

Our model delivers health to our community, efficiently and affordably.

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Delivering a healthier future starts here.

The MANNA Food is Medicine model is proven to be effective. Our peer-reviewed research shows MANNA clients’ rate of hospitalization decreased by half. Average monthly health care costs for MANNA clients fall 62% over the first three months of being on the meal program, a cost savings of more than $3,000 per client. More wellness means fewer missed work and school days – better for families, and better for our region. Our medically tailored meals can feed a person for 6 months for the same cost as one night in a hospital.

In order to expand the MANNA mission and serve more individuals living with life-threatening illnesses, we needed a facility that allows us to grow. More square footage means serving more clients which leads to a healthier community. Not only can we serve more clients, we will also be able to better accommodate our volunteers. Volunteers are the lifeblood of MANNA. The new location is easily accessible and visible to the community. The new space includes a larger kitchen, expanded office space, and an enhanced volunteer lounge.

Reaching More People

By the end of 2017, MANNA will be able to serve 2,500 people each month – that’s 2.5 million meals per year!

Extending the Reach

MANNA’s new location allows us to enhance our current programs and expand our service area across Pennsylvania and potentially nationwide.

Reaching New Heights

MANNA will leverage our groundbreaking research and healthcare partnerships to advance the Food as Medicine model.



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MANNA's History

January 1990

MANNA Founded

MANNA was formed in 1990 by seven members of The First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia with the mission to provide nutritious meals, free of charge, to people living with HIV/AIDS and to offer a way for caring volunteers to support their community and fight the disease.

March 1991

MANNA's First Kitchen

All food is prepared in MANNA’s own kitchen in The First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, 21st & Walnut Streets.

June 1994

MANNA's Second Home

MANNA moves to 18 South 20th Street where it is able to expand the number of meals produced.

August 1997

MANNA's Current Location

MANNA moves to 2323 Ranstead Street.

June 2006

MANNA’s Mission Expands

MANNA expands its mission to deliver nourishment to anyone at acute nutritional risk due to a life-threatening illness.

July 2008

MANNA Becomes Complete

MANNA increases its meal service to clients to be 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.

April 2017

MANNA's Future Home

MANNA moves to its new home at 420 North 20th Street where it expands meal production to 2.5 million per year.